29/ 12/ 16


I resemble my father in the way that I feel even the smallest of things. The way he listens to a song on repeat and falls in love with every word. The way he takes everything to heart.

The way we feel too much. Every emotion is heightened. When we’re happy, we’re really happy. But the same goes for when we’re sad, or frustrated.

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I see my father in the way that I thrive around good company. The parties we love to host, the friends we love to see. The way we admire friendships. The way we connect with others and fall in love with them instantly.

I see my father in the way that I am stubborn. We both have strong, creative visions and resist in changing our ways. I like my stubbornness. The fact that I won’t give up on something. We fight until we can’t anymore.

We dislike the idea of change. When it’s natural, we give in unknowingly. But if we had the choice, we’d keep it all the same.

I’m envious of how quickly he can fall asleep. But joyful when I see his eyes closed, knowing he is peacefully resting after a long day. He’s always worked so hard, and sometimes he needs a little break.

I love the way he loves. The way he asks “penny for your thoughts?” and even if I don’t want to tell him, I know I can.

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The way he shines. The biggest compliment I ever received was being told I had a smile that lit up the room, just like my dad. His personality stands out above the rest.

I love his persistence. How he always orders the chicken, in the hopes that one day he won’t find it dry. His friendliness. How he always greets strangers on the streets, and strikes up conversations with those around him.


Most of all, I admire the community he has created around him. His friends, whom all love him dearly. His family, his band, his co-workers. The way he brings people together.

I have a dream. The Party House. I buy a house and live with a large group of friends. Have people over all the time. Celebrations every day. I get it from my dad. I see the way he is around his friends. The fun they have, the happiness that is passed around. I want that. Every day. I want to experience life through rose-colored glasses. Like my father.

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ali; a montreal based communications student and singer/songwriter/guitarist for the day dreamers.

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