20/ 12/ 16


There’s something about the way the sun sets. The pink sky makes everything seem small. I take comfort in knowing that even when it rains, the sun will always come back. Even the worst of days seem to fade when the sun goes down. I just don’t understand how something can be so perfect. But I don’t think it needs an explanation. The sky mesmerizes, even if just for a few moments.

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I could’ve used a sunset today. Sometimes you just have those days, when nothing seems quite right. It’s almost like medicine; a sunset can cure the sadness away. Even thinking about it helps. I’m taken back to warmer days.

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I spent my summer searching for the sun. Long drives in good company, travelling to the edge of the island to see the cotton candy sky. We could talk, laugh, and admire the ethereal qualities of the sunset. Everything was easy. Even when it wasn’t, it still felt light when you looked up and watched the sun go to sleep.

The summer sunset hits at the perfect time. Around 8pm, we’d be sitting by the water, staring into the distance. The car ride there was often filled with dismal conversation. We were sad. But the car ride home was always silent. I think it’s because we couldn’t be sad after seeing something so exquisite. When the world has so much beauty to offer, it almost seems like a crime to focus on the ugliness.

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